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As engineers, we love to build! Building a software, a process, a logical model: this is what we are passionate about. Thanks to this passion, now we meet the veterinarians. We talk to them, they tell us their working method and how they want to improve.

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“We cannot expect things to change if we do always the same things.”
Albert Einstein

Who's behind the Adiuvet method?

Adiuvet was born from the collaboration of women and men, visionary engineers who, working as a team, turn numbers into life-changing tools for Veterinarians.

metodo Adiuvet per veterinari

Magically, these ‘things’ in our minds are transformed into symbols, rules of transformation, constraints, queues that then become, concretely, what we call a ‘pattern’.

Then we listen to other vets with a similar problem and put the model to the test.

Sometimes we realize there are some mistakes and have to rebuild the model from scratch, more often we enhance and strengthen it.

With this step we make sure that the functionality we add to Adiuvet can be useful useful not only to an individual veterinarian but to his colleagues as well.

Finally, and it is here that we feel a subtle pleasure, we are intimately satisfied when we see that the model we have imagined, that we have created in our minds using the application becomes concrete, changes reality, makes our customers’ lives much easier, becomes part of their experience, makes them achieve their goals sooner and better.

We have improved a little piece of the world.

Our vision? Transforming crisis into an opportunity.

Change requires strong motivation. Einstein calls this a ‘crisis’. Summarising his thinking, Einstein describes the crisis as an opportunity to create progress, to spark inventiveness, to fight laziness.

And just like that, the “crisis” becomes a tool for improving oneself.

We want to be positive players in this crisis, we want to help vets seize the opportunities that change brings, we want to help them experiment with new models and ideas, maximizing success and minimizing the failures that experimentation inevitably brings. We do not interfere with clinical practice, but we believe in improving all business aspects related to it, such as logistics, operations, marketing.

adiuvet per veterinari

What makes our team united?

Adiuvet is the result of close collaboration between People Lab and Gavia Systems, a strategic partner with many years’ experience in the healthcare sector, working alongside the largest Italian and European hospital groups. This experience has been rethought and redesigned for the veterinary field.

What makes our team united:

  • passion for technology, which helps simplify the processes that are most important for the customer’s business;
  • the firm belief that listening to needs enables you to achieve the common goal: customer benefit;
  • a strategic vision aimed at building solutions that are necessary for the client’s business.
soluzioni per veterinari adiuvet