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Adiuvet, the cloud-based veterinary management system

The veterinary management software that enhances your business and improves your professional life.

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Adiuvet, the cloud-based veterinary management system

The veterinary management software that enhances your business and improves your professional life.

Try the first month for free without obligation!

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Why the Adiuvet Method?

The Adiuvet method allows you to reap the benefits of our problem solving ability. Through its management system, Adiuvet is designed to be alongside the veterinary surgeon who wants to turn his passion into his work, and finally transform a dream into a winning, sustainable and solid business reality.

programma gestione ambulatorio veterinario
gestionale veterinario in cloud

Training courses

The Adiuvet Method to grow, open your mind to new horizons, understand your direction of business. Our training courses teach you how to make better use of your time, your resources and your organizational skills.

Thanks to Adiuvet, you will learn and understand whether you have real earnings and if you can reinvest them to improve your business (or perhaps open up to new employees to have more time for you or to give more and better services to your customers). Eventually, thanks to our training courses, you can optimize all processes.

Adiuvet for graduates

If you are a newly graduate you can turn your dream into a proper enterprise thanks to Adiuvet. Become a true entrepreneur and learn how to organize your work, which costs you have to consider, how to manage your resources, how to get better results in terms of your and your staff's efficiency, how to gain new customers as well as how to create customer loyalty.

programma gestionale per veterinari
Gestionale Veterinario Adiuvet in cloud per veterinari freelance

Adiuvet for the freelancer

With Adiuvet you halve your accounting time: no mistakes, no disputes, all in one click from your mobile phone, smartphone or tablet. Find new partnerships, thanks to algorithms that tell you where to look for them at a glance.

Adiuvet for the clinics

With Adiuvet you will gain perfect control, find the time to do everything you have to do, understand how to optimize the resources you have, how to acquire new customers and retain the existing ones.

programma gestionale per ambulatorio veterinario
gestionale cliniche veterinarie multisede

Adiuvet for multi-location management

Enhance the maximum potential of multi-location and/or multi-clinic groups.
Become an excellent Vet Manager thanks to data that are always available, reliable, easy to collect and will enable you to achieve your business goals. Make the value of your facilities worth more than their arithmetic sum.


Are you an association, organization or website targeting veterinarians? Do you wish to offer them a useful and prestigious gift?

Sign up for our free partnership program, which allows you to give each of your subscribers a personalized voucher for the use of an Adiuvet FREE licence valid for a whole year.

Thanks to you and to Adiuvet they will see their business grow in twelve months for free!

Contact us to discover all the conditions for this amazing offer!

Are you a veterinarian and wish to receive a voucher for an Adiuvet FREE licence valid for a whole year?

Check to see if your association is an Adiuvet partner or propose them to become one!

icona licenza gestionale audivet professional


If you are a Freelance Veterinarian, time is your most valuable asset. Dedicate your time to the things you enjoy most and that make you grow professionally: thanks to our Professional licence you halve the monthly hours spent on accounting and administration of your VAT number.

icona licenza gestionale audivet business


Ideal for the Practitioner who works alone who needs to have everything under control at a glance, from the client's agenda to the cost plan. And while the Business licence will ease the burden of bureaucracy and improve customer satisfaction, you can devote yourself to expanding your facility, broadening your specialistic offerings and gaining the recognition of your colleagues.

icona licenza gestionale audivet advanced


Your facility has now grown, with many vets and a good clientele. You can take the big leap you have always dreamed of, but how can you do it if you have to take care of everything and arrive at the end of the day exhausted? The Advanced licence manages processes and clarifies responsibilities, so each one of your employee knows what they have to do without your constant supervision and intervention. More importantly, you know you have everything under control, without the risk of any nasty surprises.

icona licenza gestionale audivet unlimited


After many years of hard work, your multi-location structure is the best one around. But you didn't think it would get this complex. You really need the help of the Unlimited licence in order to better manage your employees, increasing their efficiency and not letting them leave, and to have the essential indicators of your business always under control. With the Adiuvet method you can make full use in marketing of your considerable assets, such as your customer database.

Benefits of Adiuvet

Fully oriented towards increasing your veterinary business.
Electronic prescription and integrated pharmaceutical handbook.
Training and support: a strong team at your disposal makes change easy.
100% cloud-based: no installation needed, you can use it via Internet wherever you want.
icona gestionale cliniche veterinarie

Discover our Method

Try it for free!

Contact our consultants to find out where you can improve and grow your business.

Switch to the Adiuvet licence that best suits your needs.

You can grow thanks to the power of the system and support of our professionals.

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