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Business Licence

Why choosing the Business Licence?

Become, finally, the master of the situation.
Enjoy the intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
Appreciate the simplicity of all the functionalities.
Make your business grow, from PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Choose this licence to have a clinical and administrative tool to help you grow your business every day:

But now that your facility has expanded, you have the option of using a complete form library, with ready-made templates , and with the possibility of modifying them and adding others; a bundle of seven ready-made clinical reports.
In addition, the upgrades you can now activate include a customized training course and two specialized medical records (ophthalmology and oncology).

This licence is ideal for the independent veterinarian who works in a facility and needs to have everything under control at a glance (including the appointment book).
And halve the time your VAT accountancy management!
Switch on your PC and open the smart calendar.
Welcome your patient and, with one click you will:

In the meantime, your phone rings and with the drag-and-drop calendar, you quickly set up your appointment, already knowing that the colleague you need will be available on that day at that time (because everything is already in your Adiuvet system).

REV - save time and avoid errors

Manage your electronic prescription directly within your veterinary information system.
Quick and easy, you no longer have to copy customers’ data.

Find quickly the drugs to be prescribed, in the right dosage without any hesitation or doubt.

Electronic prescribing has never been easier, thanks to Adiuvet REV and the Pharmaceutical Handbook.

Adiuvet is a cloud-based veterinary management software, suitable for use as a management programme for veterinary surgeries or practices, available on any device


License type License business
Min. user no. 1
Max. user no.
Max period
Standard structure: one clinic, one location.
Enterprise structure: multi-clinic, multi-location.
License type License business
Accessible via the Internet, on PCs and Tablets
Agendas on smartphones
Master records:
- for customers, patients, users, referrers, drugs, resources;
- pre-filled by blood group, breed, species, operational units, branches, departments, Italian municipalities.
- customer/patient entry in fast mode.
Automatic importing: services, users, customers and patients, using a standard Excel spreadsheet.
Query language: allows you to further filter the results of a window in a fully customized way.
Downloading invoice data: for manual uploading to the Revenue Agency portal (SDI) and/or sending to the accountant (XML format).
Support email address: for malfunctions (anomalies) of the application.
Internal messaging system: messages to individual users, groups, as well as to the entire clinic while remaining within the application.
Internal support system: allows the clinic's in-house assistance to be engaged directly by the user.
License type License business
Integrated multi-function calendar
Price list: management of a price list for services and articles.
Quotation Management:
- management of quotation statuses (New, Accepted, Signed, etc.) and services (To be executed, Optional, Executed, etc.);
- management of generic services of laboratory examinations (LIS), diagnostic imaging (RIS), inventory items. No integration with external LIS/RIS.
Patient flow control: patient admissions and discharges, management of statuses and completed or unfinished activities.
Management of invoicing, credit notes and payments
Attendance management: shifts and schedules of human resources.
Stock management: loading and unloading single stock, in simplified mode or by batch and serial. Automatic unloading of drugs administered during the visit.
External messaging system:
- sending documents directly to the customer’s email address, from within the application, via the clinic’s server;
- communications register.
Customer forms: management of templates for customer administration (e.g. GDPR permissions or consent for procedures). Creation, duplication, modification, deactivation of new templates.
Available standard customer forms 3
Detailed standard reports
Reminders to customers: the system allows the activation of automatic and/or manual reminders to clients; customizing not only the means of sending (sms/email), but also the text if it relates to an appointment or to the patient’s health record.
License type License business
Multi-prime list: management of multiple price lists for services and articles.
- advanced management of laboratory examinations (LIS), diagnostic imaging (RIS). Availability of the external interface with which external LIS/RIS are to be integrated (connectors excluded);
- advanced stock management, drugs included.
Automatic importing: list of articles and inventories and contact details.
Logistical and clinical resource management: availability and agendas of logistical (e.g. operating theatre) and clinical (e.g. CT scan) resources.
Semi-automated visit scheduling: the application suggests possible resource allocations over time.
Stock management: management of multiple warehouses and configuration of under-stock alerts.
Intercompany services
Veterinary fees:
- automatic calculation and verification;
- flow management to pro-forma invoice.
Advanced reports: cash closing, quotations list, invoices, credit notes, services, payments.
Business Support System: configurable automatic and contextual reminder system to remind users to propose follow-ups, services and articles to customers.
License type License business
Standard care paths:
- outpatient;
- standard hospitalization, with management of cages, allocation, de-allocation.
Graphic management of the patient pathway: Kanban method, drag&drop with the mouse.
Worklist: management as generic services of laboratory examinations (LIS), diagnostic imaging (RIS), stock items. No integration with external LIS/RIS.
Health record
Electronic prescription: with periodic update of drug list.
Patient reports: filling, printing and storage of reports. No modification of templates.
Available standard customer forms 3
License type License business
Advanced care path:
- immediate emergency admission;
- advanced inpatient care, with patient administrations and controls, parameter monitoring, planned procedure, patient transfer.
- advanced management of laboratory tests (LIS) and diagnostic imaging (RIS). Availability of the external interface with which external LIS/RIS are to be integrated (connectors excluded);
- advanced stock management, drugs included;
- single LIS/RIS management centre.
Advanced medical records management
Synoptic patients admitted to the clinic: Single vision centre and management of admitted patients. In tabular form, filterable.
Patient reports:
- advanced flow: approval, duplication, report check;
- create, read, update, delete (CRUD) functionality.
Healthcare plans
+ ACCESSORIES (additional purchases required)
License type License business
Business intelligence
Pharmaceutical handbook
Automatic sending of invoices to SDI extension
Internal text messaging system: purchase of text messaging bundle required
Master data import service: by filling in an electronic format chosen from the templates proposed by Adiuvet
Master data import service: by filling in an electronic format agreed with the customer
Extra Storage space
Technical support ticket: 10-ticket bundle, maximum duration 15 minutes, through email channel or trouble ticketing system.
Voice reporting
Smart training: remotely, 3-hour long.
Onsite training: three working days, travel excluded.
Ophthalmic medical record
Oncology medical record
Graphometric signature

The license includes 2 GB data storage space per user.

Some optional accessories are not available in all languages. Check availability on the Accessories page.


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