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The must-have aid for vets

Adiuvet knows your needs very well. Whether you are a freelance Veterinarian or a Medical Director, whether you run a veterinary practice on your own or a clinic with a secretary/ front office, thanks to Adiuvet you will save timeimprove patient management, and facilitate your relationship with your co-workers. The Adiuvet Method makes your life easier and enhances your business. You can choose between: being a good Veterinarian, or being an excellent Vet Manager, owner of your time and able to decide on your future. And you, which version will you chose?
servizi per veterinari e cliniche

Adiuvet offers you several possible licences to best suit your needs and goals. How can you choose the right one?

It’s simple: identify the professional with whom you feel most affinity and you will find the licence recommended for you on the side.

licenze adiuvet software clinica veterinaria


Life as a Freelancer is always hectic.

Travelling from one place to another, chasing your schedule and your time, always checking on the clock.
More time is what you need: for you, for you profession, for your life.

You juggle between a client and a conference presentation, consulting services and looming accounting tasks.
Time is your most valuable asset.

If, on the one hand, you would like to devote a lot of it to your training and professional development, on the other hand, you feel you lose it when you have to spend too much of it on invoicing.

You would like to dedicate time to yourself and not waste hours filling out and sending reports.
You would like to buy new equipment, but you are still unable to assess its depreciation.

You feel you need real help, something that gives you full control on every aspect of your work: patients, customers, schedule, meetings, invoicing, agenda.

A day is only made of 24 hours; hopefully you will not spend all of them working! You need a method that gives you time for yourself and to grow your business.

The Adiuvet Method is exactly what you need!

Imagine that you can halve the time of accounting, thanks to a tool that stores the performance to be invoiced while you are delivering. No mistakes, no complaints, all in one click from your mobile phone, smartphone or tablet.

Imagine being able to find new collaborations, thanks to algorithms that tell you where to look for them at a glance.

Imagine creating reports by dictating them directly to your PC, which listens to you and understands you, because you speak the same language.

No change is painless and even the choice of a management system should not be taken lightly.

But if you want your professional life to turn upwards, you can no longer stand still. You have to make the decision and change.

Here is you should choose the Adiuvet method.

Manage the administrative, medical and reporting part, quickly and in a perfectly organized, simple and intuitive way.

A consultant, a secretary? Much more, something that works for you, the new Adiuvet management system.

licenza adiuvet per veterinari freelance



12,00 €

per monthly user,
VAT excluded.

Independent veterinarian

You are a veterinarian who has just opened a clinic without any collaboration.
You have to do everything on your own: scheduling appointments, making referrals, managing client privacy, invoices, bookkeeping, keeping the electronic veterinary drug registry in order, and maybe keeping an eye on your social media.
Of course, then… there’s also the medical part!
It’s so hard!

There are so many things to know, to do, to keep track of. Not to mention the need to keep up to date, because medicine is advancing and does not wait for you to follow it, nor do your customers, who are becoming more and more informed, more and more attentive, thanks to a network that makes them all more aware.
Without proper help, you may fail.

Without a way to automatize processes, to speed up steps, to have everything under control, you will get lost, burst, and succumb to the competition.
You have to find a method that will help your growth, your time management skills, how to properly manage your customers.

You need a tool able to transform your practice into an organized structure, that can help you become your own Vet manager, able to make decisions for your future and able to make you grow.
Gestendo la tua attività da solo hai bisogno del Metodo Adiuvet, uno strumento pratico che ti accompagna nella vita professionale facendo la differenza.

Thanks to the Adiuvet Method you will:

  • schedule your customers’ appointments at a glance
  • rapidly manage master data (while you are doing something else)
  • have up to 5 structured reports
  • manage workflows in a simple and intuitive way.

Do you want to grow professionally, take charge of your profession, reap the benefits of the hard work you did during university, or you just want your business to be a hobby for you?

If you want to turn your passion into a real business you have only one solution, a management system able to solve your problems.

Choose the Adiuvet method.
A team of professionals supports you to make you a better veterinarian and ignite your business.
Are you ready for change?
Take it to the next level and discover the licence that best suits your business model.

licenza adiuvet per ambulatorio veterinario



16,00 €

per monthly user,
VAT excluded.

Facility Medical Director without Front Office

The life of a Medical Director is complicated.
Moreover, if the facility has several doctors, but no front office, everything becomes even more complicated.
Needless to say, you dream of an angel who can dialogue with the veterinary information system, (vetinfo – veterinary prescriptions – canine registry) make appointments, organize shifts, issue invoices and, why not, manage supplier accounts.

You try to keep up with everything, but you often feel overwhelmed, you would like have a delegate, but then you fear they might make mistakes.

You’d like to bring in new interns, but then you fear they might take clients away from you once the internship is over.
You would like to make your organization shine on social media, but then you always end up with the same darkness because of ineffective communications.
A change of direction: this is what you have to do if you don’t want things to stay the same.

You can make that change, today.

With the Adiuvet method, you can start a new way of working!

Thanks to the Adiuvet management system and its team of experts, you can really understand how to grow your business:

  • schedule your customers’ agenda by cross-referencing it with those of your employees,
  • you have a clear view of your income and expenses,
  • you can plan marketing campaigns targeted to your business goals.

Adiuvet helps you streamline your workflow with an innovative tool that is powerful and easy to use.

Like all things, it won’t be easy at first, but thanks to our experts and and ever-present support, you will be able to master the situation in no time.

Ready to change?

Take it to the next level and discover the licence for your facility that best suits your needs.

licenza gestionale veterinari adiuvet advanced



19,00 €

per monthly user,
VAT excluded.

Clinic Medical Director with Front Office

A Veterinary Clinic needs perfect organization.
All mechanisms, processes, communications must be thoroughly tested, rehearsed, clear.
If this does not happen, you end up with dissatisfied customers, unhappy employees – and therefore potentially ready to switch to your competitor -, increasingly thin earnings and, finally, probable failure.

As Medical Director you have to manage a thousand daily problems: requests to the veterinary lab, matching customer appointments with your employees, managing their fees, always different, always “customized”, patient records that then correspond to correct and accurate billing, so as not to lose money.
Not to mention managing the external communication (you always have to keep an eye on the reviews), the need to always acquire new customers, who otherwise move on to a newly opened establishment.

You need real help.

Imagine a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool, an innovative way to manage appointments and your clinic, inpatient and your staff.

Proven by years of experience in the field, but customizable to your specific needs.

A managing system, alone, is not enough.

You need a tool that will help you understand what and where to change, improve, boost.
You need a method that allows you to create smooth and efficient workflows.
You need a method able to automatize those processes that make you waste your time and resources.

You need the Adiuvet Method: much more than a management system, much more than a software, Adiuvet is the method that will change the pace of your veterinary facility.

Do you have internal processes that are jammed? With the Adiuvet method (and its team of experts) you will learn where to improve in order to optimize your work and increase your business.

With the Adiuvet method you will develop your business, regain peace of mind and time to do what you love most.
Ready to change?

adivuet gestionale clinica ospedale veterinario



23,00 €

per monthly user,
VAT excluded.

Vet Manager

Let’s be clear: the role of the Vet manager is increasingly important in veterinary facilities, both public and private.
Regardless of the size of the company, this professional is able to direct and manage aspects that the clinical veterinarian will unlikely understand.
That’s why Adiuvet has come up with a super-performance tool that can meet all needs, from the simplest to the most complex of the advanced vet manager.

As a manager, you are well aware that your job is much different from the clinician.
You need to have additional skills such has a wider overview, predictive ability, sensitivity in managing resources.

You have to be able to rely on objective data, numbers and signals, in order to make decisions that will influence the future of the healthcare facility.

You cannot miss errors in procedures, drops in performance of a particular department or human resource.
You are aware that if too many quotations do not correspond to the actual invoicing, there might be a problem with communication or cost evaluation.
You are aware that you have to create targeted campaigns in areas where there is potential for growth, so as not to leave room for competition.

But to do all this, you need a powerful, reliable management software with advanced features that is easy for you and your team to use.
Quick-to-obtain graphs, so that you can report to the owner or medical director and discuss with them about future investments, business goals, return on investment calculations.
The veterinary manager needs the Adiuvet Method: the most advanced management system on the Italian market, the result of decades of experience in the largest (human medicine) hospitals adapted to veterinary medicine.
Dozens of veterinary hospitals have already chosen Adiuvet. Structured clinical records and reports, comparative and performance analysis of the clinics, key performance indicators, business sources and geographical correlation.

Still stuck with the old management systems?
Discover the power of Adiuvet.

gestionale adiuvet per vet manager



23,00 €

per monthly user,
VAT excluded.

With Adiuvet you have the most powerful tool to predict the performance of your business, evaluate it in the past and project it into the future in your hands.
Still stuck with the old management systems?
Discover the power of Adiuvet.

Enhance your veterinary business!