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Scopri come arricchire il business della tua clinica applicando il Metodo Adiuvet!

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Prevention plans, how to organize a successful proposal in 7 steps

You dream of having a well-organized structure in the diary, with no appointment cancellations with a purchase schedule (for better management of discounting as well).
You would love to have owners who trust and are not distracted by competitors because you are able to keep them attached to you because of your authority, humanity, and ability to be unique.
How can such a desire be realized? Organizing Prevention Plans or Health Plans, customized for each of your clients, who will feel unique, special and pampered just by you.
Find out how to structure them here.
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come calcolare il valore della propria struttura veterinaria

How to calculate the value of a veterinary facility?

At certain stages of one’s professional life, it may happen that one may have the impulse or need to leave everything and change one’s life. Beyond the reasons for such drastic choices, one of the most “heartfelt” aspects is that of enhancing one’s facility, whether large or small. … Read More

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Come scegliere i prodotti da inserire nel pet corner

How to select products from the Pet Corner

Let’s face it: choosing products to include and keep in your Pet Corner is no easy thing.
The choice is huge, competition from other outlets (or the Web) is fierce, and you just don’t know how to defend and navigate your way around.
That’s why you need guidance, precise directions, a method to help you decide what to keep and what just isn’t.
Find out more in this article. … Read More

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